New Student? Here's how to access your Ranger College email

New Student? Here's how to access your Ranger College email

Are you a new student to Ranger College? If so, here is how to access your Ranger College student email.

First, some things to note:
  1. Ranger College uses G Suite for Education. As a student this offers you many advantages, including unlimited storage in your RC gmail account. 
  2. Never, EVER, share your password with anyone - IT included.
  3. Your email will not be available until 3 business days before the first day of school. This allows us time to get all new students in the system at the same time. If you register for classes later than 3 days prior to the start of term, give us a couple days to get your email account up and running. 
  4. The standard naming convention for student email accounts is: [firstname].[lastname]
    1. For example, if your name is John Doe, your email username would be:
With that in mind, here are two options for accessing your Ranger College student email account for the first time:

Option 1 - Follow the Email Link

Once your email account is ready, you will receive a "Welcome" email to the personal email account you provided when registering for classes. It will look like this...

Simply click the blue "Sign in" box and you will be directed to a google login page to update your personal password. 

Option 2 - Manual login

If you didn't provide your personal email address at the time of registration, or if you didn't receive the above email, you can navigate directly to:

You should then see a screen like the one below. 

Note - the domain should be automatically populated 

After inputting your [firstname].[lastname], click "Next".

The default temporary password is: ranger1926

You'll then be invited to accept the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

Lastly, you'll land on the "Change password" page (see below). Create a new, strong password and you are good to go.

Success! You can now login to Ranger College G Suite apps and services, including gmail, with your new password.

If you experience any issues, feel free to submit a ticket by sending an email to